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  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Outsourcing

What we do

We can take on any of the below IT challenges for you – or treat all or some of them as one big project. We are flexible here but still, for the sake of mutual understanding and cost estimates, let's talk about the following services we offer:

  • Development

    You define the requirements. We research, design, develop and test. Short time to market, big value for money.
  • Outsourcing

    Hire our staff for a week, month or a project and let us do all the work. You just pay per hour based on the professional's skills.
  • Maintenance

    We take over someone's (even a bit messy) work, optimize, expand and, if needed, fix it.
  • Documentation

    You have a working solution but no one knows exactly how it works? Let us find out and prepare a text+charts document.
  • Project Management

    If you don't have the know-how, we can carry out a project for you, from initiation until completion.
  • User Experience

    If you keep getting negative feedback or your app is underused, all you might need is just some slight interface redesign.
  • Consulting

    In case you're still not quite sure what the solution might be, we can help you until you reach it and let someone else develop it.
  • Testing

    We point out possible threats, design the testing process, perform it and prepare a report to serve as a basis for developers to build on.

How We Do It

Every project requires a customized approach. These 7 steps are the core of each one:


First things first: we talk to you about your business needs and solutions you want to implement.

We use Skype, Hangouts or face-to-face meetings - whatever works for you.

We research possible solutions, both the ones already available on the market and the ones that can be developed from scratch.

We present our findings, not only by sending you a presentation, but also by talking it through with you.

At this stage you will get a ballpark figure and timings and, in most cases, at least a basic prototype of the solution.

If you are happy with our work up to this stage, we sign a contract and prepare a detailed plan, assign roles and set initial deadlines.

What follows is an in-depth business analysis and preparing specs for the solution.

The development or deployment starts once the analysis and specs are completed. The development work is presented to you step by step, usually every two weeks ('sprints', if you are familiar with agile development). This allows our team to receive your feedback quickly, and therefore to get a better idea of your needs and opinions.

Once you decide the solution is ready to go live, we launch it. This is preceded by at least one round of User Acceptance Tests while each sprint's product has been tested anyway.

Most solutions evolve after being released to their end users. In most cases, this is when the most valuable business insights are gathered and a willingness to perfect your tools will bring profits.

We collect the feedback, test upgrades and take care of your solution continually.

How much

It's seldom that you can tell how much an IT solution will cost right away. In most cases, this will require at least a couple of days of planning and analyzing in order to get an estimate useful for your budgeting. These are the factors that will define the amount of money needed:


The more features, the more time and money will be required for development and testing. Setting priorities will be crucial, as only some features are crucial in terms of the project's success.


Some things may be done quicker if we assign more people to them. So, if time is of the essence for you, we can deliver the product much faster by increasing our budget.


If a project requires expert skills in several fields, you want the best people on board. Finding the most experienced professionals in a specific field is crucial.


The work of any company is most efficient if there is a single point of contact representing the client and being the project owner. The longer the decision-making process and the more often the decisions are changed, the higher the overall cost.

Once you've considered these factors, we should name another: the location of your development team.

And Kraków is one that offers you much higher value for money than in the EU and the US. The city has occupied top spots of rankings gathering the best places to run an IT business. We have plenty of well-educated talent here while costs of living and wages are still quite low.


We are Leanle and we are keen to develop and maintain software to power your company and let you focus on your business objectives. We have valuable experience in various fields of IT, but all of us have one thing in common: we want the work you pay for to really serve its purpose. Our apps should not be too complex or too crude – just the way the user really wants them.

To support this goal we offer you our Project Management, Application Development and User Experience knowledge. We know what can potentially go wrong in an IT project and how to steer clear of those issues. We also want to adjust to your way of doing things, so that we limit the time and work it will require on your part.

And last but not least, we are are a budding company with big ambitions. Each new client will be given our maximum attention. If your company is based in Western Europe or North America, your value for money will be significantly better than that of your average local IT contractor.

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We are based in the center of Kraków's famed Jewish quarter Kazimierz. You can enjoy a nice walk or a good dinner after dropping by!

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