ProOptima is a training and consulting company from Krakow. One of the bigger players in Krakow they conduct training and coaching throughout the country. Pride of place in their brand name is focusing on creating changes in behaviors, attitudes, and processes in organizational cultures.

Given the character and scope of processes serving their clients, ProOptima needed app tool to manage the proficiency of its management staff and the tools they use whilst working with clients on a range of projects. Staff growth and skill competency required analysis and with the app we created, they were able to monitor and drive productivity before and after project implementation.

The key goal of this project creating an app that would allow the management of various projects in real time. Data gathered through surveys and questionnaires for team leaders could then analyzed by a visual and written interface. Given the deadlines on hand, we completed the mass project in under 4 months.

Technologies used:
  • Wrap Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • UXPin