AYPE is a bespoke consulting service company specializing in project management and CRM system implementation. Their key focus is on specialized sale processes, building interactions and relationships with their customers at every level.

AYPE approached us to create and self dedicated interface app for its registered clients to have a full in hand operation of their entire AYPE service profile. This meant unifying several standardized company interactions used on a day to day basis that was in constant sync with AYPE services. We took care of the whole IT part of the project: starting with the solution architecture, then User Interface design, development of the Andriod and iOS apps, testing and maintenance.

Key was our proxy integration and communication with AYPE’s CRM database. Due to the Platform differences in the framework and automation available to with iOS and Android, a number of workarounds were needed to creatively get the most out of the app solution.

Hurdles for the syncing of profiles and private data were mostly with iOS as Apple is much tightly regulated for sharing and forwarding secure personal data. AYPE 1.0 was purely created for Android had to be heavily modified for the release of AYPE 1.1 which was 75% of AYPE 1.0 with substituted solutions for the remaining 15% that could not be covered in one app serves all solution.

Technologies used:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Rest API
  • UXPin