HungryNightis a truly dedicated party event site tailoring packages and services to match an ever-growing range of needs for party goers in the City of Krakow, Poland. Tapping into the enormous tourism market parties offered by HungryNight are promised to be “legendary” and new to the lineup, the curious tradition of divorce parties. Yes! you can now book and celebrate what has historically been taboo.

With an exponentially growing market and an undeniable endless list of offers. To stand out and take full advantage of the roaming tourist we built a site to cater for the newest in packed services in the tourism industry of Krakow. Events needed to have an all-inclusive concierge advantage to stop customers and keep them happy with a wide range of in-house offers. An online shopping interface with ease of use, clarity on all information offered as well as a modern contemporary feel. We made it happen for HungryNight.

We kept things simple and direct. A page landing offering the full spec of services driving client into a funnel of services matching pre-made and adjustable selections to dynamically keep the client engaged. Click, select and purchase. Taking the nightmare and time out of making what can be a logistic nightmare.

Technologies used:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop