James Button produces high end bespoke, men’s and women’s shirt and accessories.

From fashion to function our client needed to bring a product to market via a more modernized internet store. Considering the limited product line and the quick changing style of inventory.

The store they requested was far from the functionality the previous store could offer. We tailored (no pun intended) a store and back end for them to have total control and ease of use to focus on drawing new products to market. Campaigns constantly needed updating so we created a clean site for everything James Button wanted to offer.

We looked after bringing the James Button store from its previous build to today’s more modern and demanding standards. Currency changes, basket alterations, payments, and returns. We modernized the interface and backend solutions by integrating Allani, Cloudpack, and Zanox. Copyright oversight with languages was proofed and updated.

Technologies used:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Rest API
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