Having established themselves as a high-quality handmade leather goods manufacturer. It was time to come to market with a new modern line of products with a website refresh that would better reflect their brand, increase their online sales and provide more flexibility for their in-house marketing team. Having been established in 1994 a great jump from the 90’s to 2017 had to be launched expressing the very nature of its high-line of products.  We were happy to oblige.

Initially as a rework of the established site, we went further to revamp not only the look and feel but the back end the CMS access, clients ordering system and online store. This included the prioritizing of information to the client, backend services such as order generation as well as a concise conversion of all information into their CRM.

Second, to this was creating a Wholesale interface for re-sellers to have everything automated in using the online purchasing tools, invoice management and automated document feeds for ease of use and quality control.

Rusnak came to us with a new product they wanted to bring to market under the existing brand, however, the key was a modern launch of the product with a new site. We gave them an impactful new site that reflected their brand and increased conversion.

In addition, we completed and assisted with their CMS-  Wordpress, ENG, POL, GER language support, PDF document generation, Social media integration with Instagram.


Technologies used:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Rest API
  • WordPress
  • Instagram API