Corcode – a client in the software industry who wanted to fill the niche in the car service market. For this purpose, he designed the SO99 application for comprehensive fleet service. The application is intended for various customers who are interested in such a service, such as corporations, companies selling services, companies.

We were tasked with creating a fully bespoke no-frills car rental service. In conjunction with rental options, the app was to provide detailed options for managing, maintaining and servicing Corcodes fleet of cars.

Based on Android app and tablet application. The main purpose of the service is to rent, pickup, dropoff and track vehicles. The app allows the driver to register its drop off point.

The main task of the application is car rental – pick-up and return. The application also has tasks that allow the employee to have the car cleaned, fueled or placed in a given location. Tasks have an expiration date, which is marked in color.

Through user accounts a history of all actions and can be monitored. any damages can be registered by owner and user. The user account also provides data on documents held within the system, the range of cars available, tasks completed and to be done. Signature input via stylus or scan.

The application works with the API created for the client to have access to maintaining changes.

Technologies used:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Rest API