Cichon dental services needed to bring their award-winning services into the limelight and we helped them migrate to a new functional web and mobile service. Cichon dental services are leaders in global dental technologies and award winners for exceptional dentistry in Krakow and Poland. Offering a world class scope of services.

With a design in hand, we were tasked with giving the site clean interface offering a range of services that provided clients with clarity on the entire line up Cichon is nationally accredited for. A concise selection of services, specialist with time and date was needed to help manage the ever-growing demand for Cichon expert dental services. Any questions incorrect bookings were once but not no longer an issue.

Patients now have ease of use in selecting everything they need such as selection of consultants and review visually the list of Cichon services. Pricing and bookings are clear removing any potential stress factors one might have going to what we most of us dread doing.

Technologies used:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
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