The “Appetite for life” foundation.

We were asked by “Apetyt na Zycie” to help them bring their product to market with a no-frills highly functional and pleasing website for what we consider to be one of the most satisfying projects we’ve had to date.

A truly infectious and happy team of dedicated members providing well-needed help for the less unfortunate with a range of pro-active campaigns Poland wide to bring awareness and generate funds.

Main considerations in completing this website were to provide as much targeted info for visitors without overwhelming them with the subject matter. Having someone on the site is its first success. Generosity and patience do not always go hand in hand and we wanted to get the most out of every visitor’s experience. Foremost was the need to keep the navigation clean and simple. Having a visitor commit to any one of the many functions on the site was key. We made the site super fast and content driven. Allowing a user to quickly sight what was best suited to their aptitude on the day. Whether it be a donation or to genuinely begin and or join a current campaign with an easy call to action and assistance in the entire procedure.

Naturally, we wanted the site to be hassle free and easy for the foundation staff to manage and forgo and additional fee generation and we chose a WordPress platform and trained the staff in basic CMS use. To control the ease of payments we created reliable plugins with Dotpay and Paypal.

Technologies used:
  • Rest API
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Maps API