Turboegg: Android, iOS and RoR apps for wireless control

Turboegg, a Kraków-based startup, needed to enable their customers to control their devices wirelessly, even when out of home. We’ve come up with an idea of RoR app exchanging data with mobile devices via BlueTooth LE. If one phone/tablet connects to a BLE socket, others get an update on its status via RestAPI. Furthermore, any BLE device can be toggled on/off from our web browser interface.

We’ve delivered the project in two months, end to end: from UI prototyping, tech specs, through design, development in Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS) and RoR (server side) until testing and deployment. New features have been added since then on a steady basis.

Technologies used:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Rest API
  • UXPin
  • BlueTooth LE
Turboegg: Android, iOS, RoRTurboegg: Android, iOS, RoRTurboegg: Android, iOS, RoRTurboegg: Android, iOS, RoR