Benhauer Sp.z o.o. Benhauer is a Polish technology company that brought us the SALESmanago system; one of the largest in the world marketing automation platforms and Salesmanago – mobile marketing automation platforms.

Benhauer solutions are used by more than 5 000 companies in 40 countries, including Orange, Praktiker, Getin Bank, Ferratum Bank, Link4, Yves Rocher, WWF, Timberland and many other well-known companies. The company employs more than 270 people in Krakow, Warsaw, London, Berlin, New York and Bangalore.

We were tasked with creating a bespoke Marketing campaign tracker dedicated to Salesmanago users for iOS and Android. Unique was the need for a real-time continuous data flow, giving you an edge over other similar applications.

Salesmanago requested a custom mobile and tablet app for a particular campaign – set to parameters unique to this project. We prepared mockups, graphics and APIs to create the mobile application. It is a clean and well thought-out application with an esthetic appearance. The mobile application provides customers with the basic features of the SalesManago platform such as potential customers, customers, partners, B2B visits, CRM, Email Marketing, Website Marketing, Base Analytics, Campaigns and Funnels, Automation Processes. In all essence, we created a truncated version of the www platform. The main task of the application is to control the start of the campaign and react quickly to changes when we do not have a laptop nearby.

We then control the campaign data and take steps that will give us the edge over the competition. The system is constantly being developed with new capabilities and functionality.

Technologies used:
  • Rest API
  • Android
  • iOS