Borubar Ventures is a venture capital fund with focus on technology. They have invested money in several projects from this area and this one was commissioned by the company itself.

The client had identified a big gap in the Internet marketing market. Companies introducing new products need to build market reach quickly but display and pay per click ads are more and more expensive and less effective. Facebook offers an alternative channel which for many people is the single most important website on the Internet and has been used as a marketing channel for years.

We took care of the whole IT part of the project: starting with the solution architecture, then User Interface design, development of the server RoR application and integrating it with Graph API, testing and maintenance. The application has then been integrated with Twitter and Instagram.

Technologies used:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • UXPin
  • PostgreSQL
  • Facebook Graph API
  • Instagram API
  • Twitter API
  • Wrap Bootstrap