The power of mobile for your company

The number of page views on mobile devices has been growing by double-digits in recent years and has already surpassed those on desktop and laptop computers. Smartphone and tablet owners use more and more apps for entertainment or to solve their problems. Moreover, phones and tablets no longer are the sole mobile devices with their own operating systems. This family is getting bigger every year.

This trend bears one simple message to all companies seriously thinking about their future: you can’t miss that train and have to be active in the mobile world.

Your first steps in mobile world

What should such activities include? First of all, you’ll need to make sure that all solutions you have delivered to your clients look and work well on mobile devices. Second, you should think what else could you offer to your clients to let them satisfy their needs easier and faster. You can fulfil both duties above with responsive websites and mobile apps.

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How can you check if your website is responsive?

The easiest way is to simply open it with web browser on your mobile phone and tablet and check if all interface elements a user might need appear and work correctly. But you can also do this not taking a phone in your hand. You simply open the website on your laptop and shrink the browser window and the interface elements should rearrange themselves to fit the screen size. You can also use free online tools like Browserstack orScreenfly. If the page does not look fine on mobile screens, it has to be reworked.

Building mobile apps and potential gains

Mobile apps are another area in which your company may shine and possibilities here are virtually non-existent. Each branch of industry can deliver their clients apps that in worst case scenario just increase brand recognition. The best case would be to deliver another value supplementing what your business already sells and earn money with the new one, too. Say, a liqour producer may give their clients a mobile app with drink recipies while a car manufacturer’s mobile app can help you park your ride in a dense environment.

Such an app for your company should first be developed for mobile platform most important to your current and potential clients, be it Android od iOS. Then you should follow up with the other OS – and iOS developers tend to be a bit more expensive. If you see a real need, you can also develop your app for Windows Phone, although its users base cannot be compared with the two giants in the mobile business. Your apps for respective OS are published in Google Play, and AppStore. You can then send people there to download and install the app via your website, Facebook page or a printed QR code.

Leanle can help you with the mobile development process from the beginning until the end. We’ll help you with all the tasks, including:

  • business requirements analysis and putting your scope to paper,
  • user interface prototype of the app with active links and other actions,
  • development specification,
  • interface graphic design,
  • programming in Java (for Android) and Objective-C (iOS),
  • testing on smartphones and tablets with different OS versions,
  • publishing in Google Play and AppStore,
  • adding new functionalities and fixes once the app has been disclosed.

Integrating your mobile app with server apps via API

Another potential here is connecting mobile with server applications owned by your company or third parties. The best way to integrate is to develop a RestAPI which is a channel for the two apps to exchange data. If you want to integrate with a third party solution, this might require a support by its owners. We are experienced with such tasks and may run a project for you. One use might be to enable your customers to buy with a mobile apps and make all their orders instantly appear as ‘new’ in your ERP solution.

But we are also perfectly able to build a server app for you from scratch. We have vast experience with some of the most important web programming languages like PHP, Ruby and Java. We work with object and document databases: Postgre, MySQL, MongoDB and can lead the project from the design until deployment. We take care of user interfaces as well and make sure it is responsive and style sheets (CSS) make the design fit smaller and bigger screen sizes.

If you’d like to get to know more about Leanle, please check our homepage No matter if you are already thinking about a specific project or just wanting to chat, we’d be happy to talk to you.

on: June 13, 2016 | in: Mobile