What can IT consulting give your organization

The fact that information technology influences the way companies work is nothing new. As you are reading this, computer geeks continue to find new ways of making life easier (or harder) for businesses, even those completely unrelated to IT. Some solutions increase cost effectiveness of companies greatly and enable them to achieve their goals in shorter time with less work. And there are more such solutions on the market than ever.

Expert help in IT-related issues

That’s why owners and board members very often face choices they can’t really take because they lack IT knowledge or experience. These may include choosing between many similar web applications or the way your business data is stored and processed. Other type are long-term decisions like defining a strategy for building IT department, how to handle user data or introducing several web tools to boost productivity. The last one requires not only decisions, but also trainings for employees who will use these tools.

When facing such decisions, it helps to have an expert in the specific matter on your side. Apart from the knowledge and experience, a fresh look from someone not engaged in organization’s everyday work and not thinking the same way its employees do, may benefit your company. A combination of these two enables an external consultant to find solutions to company’s problems and optimize a process which organization has not thought of changing before. An expert can also find web tools that will make key processes in a company more effective.

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Costs of hiring external consultants

Hiring an external consultant will surely generate costs. First of all, you have to pay the consulting company for sending them in. Then they have to speak with your employees and this is another expense as they are out of their standard tasks for some time.

Some friction within or between departments may also appear as possible changes may not spell good news for some people at the company. And then the board itself has to devote some time to the consultants, as without the people defining the organization’s goals and rules their work makes no sense at all.

Benefits from hiring external consultants

On the other hand, benefits can be huge and may increas both efficiency and renown of the client company. Just to name a few:

  • IT budget cost-effectiveness increase,
  • IT tools introduced really used by the employees,
  • preventing costly mistakes in IT infrastructure,
  • preventing legal hassles related to user data handling,
  • grasping business development chances that your competitors haven’t spotted yet.

The decisions may mean both less/more money and efficiency for you company. Therefore it’s best to secure advice from experienced people.

IT consulting services catalog

The services offered in the area of IT consultancy depend on client’s needs and range between short projects and long-term cooperation. As a consequence, they may be cheap or very costly:

  • advice when choosing between competitive IT solutions,
  • introducing one of them in an organization,
  • analysis of how company performs in a given area and how to improve that,
  • feasibility study or consultancy in an IT project,
  • preparing a long term IT strategy for a company,
  • staff recruitment and assessment,
  • trainings for employees,
  • consultancy while introducing a new product/service to the market.

Of course the final word in each of the above will belong to client company owner or board. It’s them who know their business best and their engagement in the process will be priceless. If it’s missing, the consultants will still deliver their papers – after all it’s what they are paid for. But quality of such papers would be a quite different matter. It’s the talking to the right people about the right matters which delivers the most valuable data to the external auditors.

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